Achievements(E & TC)

BGPS’s Secretary Shri Eknath Jadhav, Principal and HOD
            congratulating  Akshay Shelke for his patent on “Prevention
            against Electricity Theft”.  Click to Download


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Students Placed in 2015

placement 2015

Student Activity in 2011-12

It’s all the pleasure of department of E&TC to inform you that around 40% of our students from Third Year(2011-12) have participated in various Technical and Non-Technical competitions at National level and many have stood first. Some of the winners of Third year students are as follows:


1.  Vaibhav Shejul for Roborace

2.  Akshay Markad for Roborace

3.  Vilas Shinde for Roborace

4.  Pradeep deshmukh for Roborace

5.  Kunal Nahete for LAN Gaming

6.  Sagar Patil

7.  Mahesh Waghmare

8.  Satish Phulpagar

9.  Sachin Darak

10.  Nikhil Bharambe

11.  Aditya Jawalgoankar

12.  Karan Deshmukh

13.  Swapnil Deshmukd

14.  Sapna Dongre

15.  Kendre Saraswati

16.  Pratibha Sonkamble

17.  Dyaneshwar Thorat

18.  Chavan Lopamudra and many more……..


National level project competition Arghna 2012


Following Second Year Students of 2011-12 batch are the winners of national level project competition Arghna 2012 held at Amajogai college of engineering between 27th-29th Feb 2012.


1.  Tejaswini V. Wankhede

2.  Priyanka S. Kadam

3.  Abhyankar Shreya

4.  Kamad Priyanka

5.  Bhagwat Anuja

Following Third Year Students of 2013-14 batch are the winners of inter engineering colleges elocution competition at JNEC college on 21st FEB, 4th place.