20150313_160410 Location : Building F, Ground Floor

Area in Sq. Mt. : 400

Lab Resources:Lathe Machines, Milling Machines,Shaper Machines, Slotting Machines, Surface Grinder etc.

Utilization : FE,SE,TE,BE



Physics Lab

physicsLab Location: B101

Area:66.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources:

1) Spectrometer
2) CRO
3) Newton ring apparatus
4) Helium-Neon gas laser
5) Travelling Microscope

Chemistry Lab

chemistrylab Location: B106

Area:66.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources:
1)Electric Oven
2)Digital Weight Balance
3) PH meter
4) Magnetic stirrer

Language Lab

communicationlab Location: B302

Area:66.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources Equipments:

H/W: 25pcs
S/W:Language lab software

Utilization: SE/FE students


eeelab Location:

Area: 66.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources Equipments:

1)Theonius Theorem
2) Nolthan Theorem
3) Super position theorem
4)AC/DC machine

Drawing Hall

drawinghall Location: B207

Area: 66.00 Sq.m.


21 Location: F103

Area:79.00 Sq.m.

Lab Resources/Equipments:
1. Various Models of cluthes, cuplinges,


2. Equipment like air coolers,


Leath Machine,
Shaping Machine, Slotting Machines etc

Elements of Civil Engineering

ece Location: B301

Area:74.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources: Equipments:

1) Dumpy Level
2) Prismatic Compass
3)cross staff
4)Metric chain(20m/30m)
5)Ranging rod
6)Foundation Chart
7)Type of bond(chart)

EM Lab

em1-300x225 Location: B301

Area:74.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources:
Beam Reactions ,

Differential axle and fly wheel,

Worm and Worm wheel,

Simple Screw Jack etc.

EE Lab

ee_civil Location: B301

Area:74.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources:
Bread Board, CRO,

Frequency Generator,

DC Supply,

Logic Gates Trainer Kit etc.

Internet Lab

20-300x213 Location: B301

Area:74.00 sq.m.

Lab Resources: 15 No of core i3 Processor,

500 GB HDD, 2 GM RAM systems.

lease line internet connectivity.