Robotryst Workshop (National Level)

Final year student have arranged 2 days National Level workshop on Robot assembling and programming
Overview Of Workshop

Think: The grey matter of students is tested in bridge designing contest, designing from junk, algorithm contest, computer engineering, online programming, real life problem contest, etc.

Create : A host of events like robowars, path tracking robotics, product designing, technical poster competition, etc. encourages young creators and make them create innovative technical objects.

Compete : There are several competitions like assembly-disassembly, circuit designing, sci-tech quiz, simulation and optimization contest.

Design : From digital electronics, artificial intelligence and oscilloscopes; to lifters and buildings, this is the battle of skills and innovative designing abilities.

For this we called expert faculty Mr.Avinash Gaur sir from IIT(Delhi) Lots of student have involved from various institutes in this event.Mr.Avinash sir told student about how to assemble ROBOT and various programming aspects regarding that robot.The  workshop was divided into two session theory session and practical session ,in first session Avinash sir explained all the theory & programming part in robot assembling and in paractical session he explained how actually robot is assembled, how programming is embedded on the electronic circuit. This workshop  acts as a platform for student to showcase their technological and engineering prowess and nourishes growing scientific talent..Students are given certificates for this workshop from IIT(delhi).Principal Mr.R.S.Pawar sir and IT HOD Mr.A.H.Rokade sir also motivated students in the workshop by their valuable words.

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