Students Committee(IT)

Ambition Students Association

Ambition is abrevation for Information Technology Engineering Students Association. We represent people working in clerical, professional, technical, supervisory and managerial roles, whatever their contractual arrangements, employed or self-employed, in the public and private sectors. Guest/Speakers come from a variety of industrial backgrounds. We are in contact with members working in the IT sector, and contracting, servicing and general industries.

Basically Ambition is a body which helps student to explore their hidden talent and serves as a perfect platform for those who can present their leadership qualities.

Ambition is basically by the student, for the student and of the student. In H.I.T., Ambition is a body since Four glorious years.
Every year students from all the respective classes i.e. S.E., T.E., B.E., of the IT branch participates so as to form Ambition a successful body.

Basic goal of Ambition is to conduct various aptitude tests for the students from IT branch and for other branches also, which includes vocabulary, quantitative, verbal etc. On the basis of the highest marks scored by the students, and average result is declared, and students are then trained for G.D. And P.I. Every student need to enroll their name so as to be the member of Ambition, by filling the enrollment form of Ambition. And thus batches are given to every member of Ambition.

In H.I.T., various posts are decided so as to run the body successfully and smoothly. In order to have any specific post, so as to be the member of Ambition, students need to come forward and contest for that post. And students from complete Information Technology branch vote for the appropriate candidate. A staff member from the Information Technology branch is always there so as to support this body which is run by students.