1)Seminar on Blog Design (Feb 14)


Rohan Thuse CEO Zaplon Tech


2)Android Training Program ANDROID TRAINING PROGRAM FEB-2014


3)Seminar on Aptitude & Communication skill development (Feb 14)


Dnanganga academy Pune.

Events Conducted Under Department Of Information Technology


1)Workshop On Java & Oracle

2)Workshop On Cyber Security

3) Workshop On Professional Ethics & Cyber Security

4) Robotryst Workshop (National Level)

5) Ambition (Information Technology Student Association)

6) Workshop On PLSQL

7) Workshop On Android 


Ambition (Information Technology Student Association)



This event is conducted by all IT Student each & every student was involved in this event . We have called API Mr. Katavkar Sir(Cyber Crime Branch Aurangabad) and Mr.Thote Sir (MCID). Mr.Katavkar sir explained the topic of cyber security, how cyber crimes are happening in the society and how preventive measures should be taken to prevent ourselves from cyber attacks . He also told about types of cyber crimes such as hacking your bank account, hacking facebook account.He also told how ethics should be maintained during surfing on internet.He also  explained about proxy servers and how hackers hide their identity behind proxy server to make a crime. He also told about keyloggers  which is frequently used software by net café owners to stole user information.As an API he told how police department is updating themselves for cybercrime investigation.He also explained about recent cyber crimes happening in India.

Mr.Thote Sir told about the current market situation for various jobs , so students have to adopt skill before going for job. He also told that student have to establish their own business instead of going for a job Students conducted different events under ambition such as aptitude test, LAN gaming ,different sports.Mr.Ganesh Lipane was elected as precedent of information technology student association and he manage student for different events which are conducted under ITSA. They also arranged blood donation camp under ambition. Principle Mr.R.S Pawar and all the HOD’s were present for the event. Mr.R.S.Pawar sir and IT HOD Mr.A.H.Rokade sir also motivated students in the event by their valuable words


Workshop On Android 




We  have conducted 1 day workshop on Android operating system where we called expert faculty from Digitez solutions Aurangabad  Mrs.Komal  mam  Komal mam gave ppt on android operating system.Where she told about history of android operating system and how android came into existancy.She also explained open source technologies and android is also one of the open source operating system.She also told about linux operating system and how various componants of linux operating system can be used in android operating system.

She also told about linux kernel in android operating system and how linux kernel can be used for multitasking and interprocess communication. She also told about how java can be used as a platform for android os and how java platform is beneficial than other platform such as symbian and palm . She explained different popular versions of android os like jelly bean, icecream sandwich also she told about upcoming versions of android os like kitkat .She explained architecture of android os in that she explained how each process  can be treated as single activity and how these activities are interconnected . She also explained adventages of android os like how person become updated by using android phones. Student attend the workshop very sincerely getting important knowledge. Mr.R.S.Pawar sir and IT HOD Mr.A.H.Rokade sir also motivated students in the event by their valuable words


Ambition Inauguration 2012-13 on 11 Sept. 2012


Organized national level robotryst-2014