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Code of Conduct Handbook for Student

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Final Year Project Lists of Respective Departments

Project List BE-Civil 17-18

 Project List BE-Civil 16-17

Project List BE-CSE 2017-18

Project List TE-CSE 2017-18

Project List CSE 2016-17

Project List CSE-2015-16

Project List Mechanical 2017-18

Project List Mechanical 2016-17

Project List Mechanical

Project List Electronics & TC 2017-18

Project List Electronics & TC

Project List Civil

Report Formats BE (IT)

Report Formats BE (CSE)


Report Formats (ETC)



 C-Language  MCQ


Downloadable Syllabus

Sr.No           Course Name                    Year
   1  Information Technology   FE    SE    TE    BE
   2  Electronics & Telecommunication    SE    TE    BE 
   3  Computer Science & Engineering    SE    TE    BE
   4  Mechanical Engineering    SE    TE    BE
   5  Civil Engineering    SE    TE    BE

 Computation Deprication